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Hello my frustrated wealth seeker,

If you're really serious about earning NOT just an EXTRA income from home... but a FULL TIME long term passive income that will be there for many generations to come ...  stop all of your other autoships, lock the the door, turn off your cell phone and hang on every word I'm about to share with you...

"Wait, Who is this Guy? And how is he going to help me make money from home?"

pierre chuong marcus campbell

Me hanging out with Marcus Campbell Helping him launch
his "Simple Sites, Big Profits" showing the power of listbuilding.

pierre chuong bill walsh

Me with having lunch with Bill Walsh, top success coach and father of Austin Walsh of iSocial Academy teaching how to drive tons of traffic thru facebook and other social media sites.

pierre chuong chris cobb bob beckett tim davis

That's me with top marketers from around the world... rockin' it and earning tons of money working from our home office with a combined income of over a million dollars per year.
Left to right... Chris Cobb, Bob Beckett, and Tim Davis

oh that's my wife and she's a better fisherman than I am.

Now You Can Finally Stop the Frustration of Working from Home Once and For All by Plugging into the Successful AliveMAXX
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alivemax Products offer the Highest Level of Nutrition Available that saves you money from taking low absorbing pills that leave your body screaming for more nutrients (see x-ray next page)alivemax

alivemax Shocking and highly lucrative power compensation plans means that Your System quickly gets to work churning out money for you like a Texas oil well gusher... giving the "little guy" immediate profit and long term residual (getting paid today to build your life income)

alivemax Start your international business for just $75 per month and earn up to $5,000 per week.

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Listen, I know you've probably seen and heard it all before on how to make a million dollars with network marketing, maybe you're sick to your stomach with all these MLM companies that say they are the best in the world, blah blah blah... isn't time someone told you the truth on how to earn money from home?

The Truth is simple.  Find the right products that are changing lives and plug into a winning marketing system that has proven to work. 

Oh yea, don't forget the main ingredient, SUPPORT and TRAINING!

Our Alivemax Team Dedication includes daily conference calls, webinars and training calls... hosted by our team celebrity... former NFL football star!

It's not one of those "me-too" products that I can buy CHEAPER at my local store is it?

OMGosh, heck no. I've seen them all.  I use to sell bottles of Acai Berry Juice for $39.99 a bottle, until Walmart and my local grocery store start selling the same juice blend for $5.99 a bottle... then my business sank.  Same with all kinds of juice and nutritional supplements... why should people pay more to get the same product?

Not with Alivemax.  The spray nutritional products with it's patented vortex technology, nobody, not even the retail giants can duplicate them or even come close to the quality that's only found in Alivemax.


Celebrity understanding the power behind sprays

"AliveMax Simple Spray Helped Me Burned 45 lbs of Unwanted UGLY FAT And Cranks Out Even FATTER Weekly Income Checks"

S.L.I.M Spray Saved Me From a Gastric Bypass Surgery and is
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Plug into a 300 Trillion Dollar Industry with an Honest,
Ethical &Lucrative Business Model That is Changing Lives!

   Say no to Surgery, Say Hello to Alivemax

  I want to share a personal story of what happened to me On May 4,
that I would never wished on anyone even my worst enemy.

  I was rushed to Mayo Clinic Saint Mary's hospital because of shortness
  of breath, swelling, and falling asleep on the wheel just running local
  errands.  My blood pressure was going through the roof and I crave
  everything sweet and processed food.  My weight was almost 280 lbs,
  for a short guy, I wonder how I ever rolled out of bed.  Immediately
  when the ER staff saw me, they wheeled my into a private room and
  plugged me into their machines to see what is all wrong with me.  After
  doing x-rays and even a full body CAT SCAN, a team of doctors came
  into my room and said, "Pierre, you need to lose weight" The head
  doctor recommended a gastric bypass surgery... that's when I knew this
  was SERIOUS.

  I decided that I was going to take matters in my own hands and skip 
  stapling my stomach together as an option.  That's when I turned to
  Alivemax Products and set myself a plan to lost weight and become
  healthy.  Now, I'm working on getting my weight down below 200
  and I have never felt better!  I want to show you my before pictures
  but I decided not to because it might scare you or even gross you out! 

  I've learned an important lessen here.  "No matter how much money
  you have, you have NOTHING without your health".


Sorry Wal-Mart(tm) You Can't Sell Our Products
They Are Only Available Through Alivemax

alivemax instant facelift



Ingredients Have Been Featured In:



alivemax 24k gold


Wow!  Products Look Great!
BUT... Can I Make Any Money?

Answer: Absolutely Yes!

alivemax viper

The Dodge Viper is one of the fastest sports car in the world that has a record for reaching speeds of more than 200 mph in the shortest amount of time.  That's the kind of Viper marketing I will teach you to help build your Alivemax business on our Presidential Team



ATTN LEADERS Earn 74% Commission!

Smart Network Marketing Leaders are bringing  in their organization and seeing their income  DOUBLE or even TRIPLED literally overnight!

One networker busted his a** building a huge organization over 11,400 members only to see his checks dwindle to only $300 per month.

When he plugged his organization into Alivemax, almost immediately his income soared to $3400 per week... that's over $13,000 per month just bringing in  his entire organization over to a better and growing income generation system of Alivemax.

 If you're a leader, don't work harder to earn less, help migrate your entire team over and watch your income and your members income explode... see the amazing payplan in detail.

We take care of you and your people by offering an affordable business working from home  and paying out enormous commissions offering unique quality products


Why Pierre Chuong's AliveMAXX
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More Money Into Your Bank Account?

Here is my wife holding our first $3,000 check working from home.  I found the right company with the right marketing tools that took us from STRESS, money worries with a J.O.B. and eating rice and eggs to living a Carefree Lifestyle and traveling the world (and dining in fine restaurants)

alivemax Our International Team Distributors Are Worldwide in 82 countriesalivemax including the UK, Germany, Thailand, Russia, Sweden, Australia, Africa, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Growing

alivemax Our powerful automated systems are already going to work for you the second you make the wise decision to take your business to a new level and within 14 days see results.

We've made AliveMAXX system so simple and brilliant so you don't have to be.

alivemax Personalized Step-by-Step plan to get in the profit to get your products for FREE and start your dream lifestyle.



Personal Letter from Pierre

My Friend, times are tough out there and you want a business that you can start with little risk, low cost startup yet earn rewarding residual income for many years to come.

I have been full time working from home for 6 years, living my American Dream... and AliveMax blows me away every time I share the business with someone ... I can't help thinking how much it can help the average person earn a decent living while doing what they love. 

Finally, you can offer a state of the art marketing system, a pay plan that can't be beat and driven by real products that give instant results (products cannot be duplicated or found anywhere else)

I look forward for you to join our winning team and working closely with you,



"Pierre, I really want to join you and start making money today...

But I'm Afraid That I Won't Be Able to Afford It...


... Because we are giving you a SOLID STABLE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS with Top Notch Marketing Tools and Support PLUS Amazing Product Technology that EVERYONE NEEDS to be healthy...

... For Next To Nothing.  Here's what you get:


  • Tens of thousands of dollars went into developing these proprietary products that you CANNOT find in your local stores or anywhere else on the internet (Day spays, nutrition shops, hair gallerias, nail salons, beauty shops etc... must all order products through one of our distributors, can you say cha-ching?)


  • If you want lifelong residual income, you can thank goodness that this is NOT another digital download!  Tens of thousands of dollars went to setting up offices and distribution centers in 82 countries thus far... building relationships and cutting through foreign policies, red tape and legalities of distributing MLM nutritional supplements in those countries with over 97% shipping accuracy... so you can build your networking EMPIRE Across the world with over 6 BILLION People! (count me in baby!)


  • Tens of thousands of dollars went into developing this PROVEN system of Marketing with Alivemax with a follow up sense of URGENCY and follow up system with a movie that mentions your name and a teleconference system that cannot be found anywhere else... $25,000 marketing system and staff maintenance... yours FREE!

  • Weekly Calls and Webinars in 4 Different Languages to do the telling and selling

  • Weekly Training Calls and Webinars to do the training

  • 24/7 Access to top marketing and training modules to grow  your business

  • Credible Celebrity to host and train your prospects and members


That's Right, 100% of your money goes to product purchase and with just $24.95 order, you can earn up to $500 per week. The business system [valued at $97 per month] is set up for you to SUCCEED beyond your imagination! 


QUESTION: Ever want to quit your job, fire your boss, and get rid of that cubical rat race? 


Stop the 40 - 50 hours per week slaving at a job, passing around REDICULOUS reports, sucking bad coffee, wearing fake smiles only to come home kissing your TIRED spouse and yelling at the kids because you're so frustrated with the same outcome year after year!  Sounds all too familiar? (if not, you gotta see the movie Office Space pictured above)


Honestly, This isn’t Even a Tough Decision When You Compared It To EVERYTHING I've Seen Out There... This is your Golden Ticket To Financial Freedom!

You’ve tried living your life the old way.  And you've tried to make money online before... but it's just crazy what is out there!  I know because I've tried them all from affiliate marketing to a dozen MLM's to even Forex trading... they don't work because the products and systems are not good enough and the support wasn't there...

... it's NOT your FAULT!

You’re reading this letter because you want more.

You want a change and you KNOW that hesitating now will not help your current situation... as a matter of fact, it might make it worse.

Turn the key to your brand new turbo-charged vehicle for success.

Look out your window.  There are people who are making their own way and there are people who are letting the world have its way with them.

Which group are you in?

I’m betting on you.

Make your decision now…  it's your turn!

Try Alivemax Risk Free with our Iron Clad Guarantee

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I'm ready to build my long term income for life with my own Alivemax Business with  your teams effort, and I understand that this system can work for me even when everything else has failed.

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Go ahead and try the Amazing Alivemax Sprays and Skin Care Products and Use our Revolutionary Marketing System Risk Free. If you don't think it's the best nutritional supplements out there with a top notch marketing system (included for FREE), cancel your autoship at anytime or ask for a refund within 30 days less shipping costs.  You'll see why we are ranked #1 MLM income business for 2011!


Let me help you create your Alivemax dream lifestyle starting today...


To Your Continued Success,

Pierre Chuong
A.K.A "The American Dream"
Call (772) 801-0005  (anytime)

Pierre Chuong, "The American Dream", Will Help You Secure Your Future
with a Strong Work From Home Business with The Right Support and Training. 


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